Air Travel: Romania

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Just a quick post to let you know to stay away from traveling with TAROM Airlines. Recently, I took a trip from Bucharest to Suceava (ie northern ) and was charged an extra 20 EURO’s cause they didn’t have me in on their computer. After coming back to the States, I called the travel agency that I booked the flight with and they told me it was Tarom’s fault and that they had had problems with them before. To boot…they charged me an extra 20 EURO’s for my baggage being overweight….which it was…but didn’t really make my day either!!!

Travel by the train system is good, but if you are in a hurry, make sure you get on the one that is high speed and provides a sleeper train. I took the slower one back from Suceava to Bucharest and it took me about 6 hours…which by plane would be only an hour…and by car probably only 3 hours….The train likes to make many stops!!! Feel free to email me for more info on travel and/or anything about Romania. I have many connections and information….Happy Travels… Please put HOSTEL TRAVELER in Subject Line so I won’t delete.