Travel Tricks that Save You Money and Time

1)  Be flexible when planning your destinations.  Search for airfares from your home city.  Look for deals and discounts.  Searching in reverse can lead to great savings.

2)  Automatically upgrade to first class on flights with a Y-Up fare.  There are restrictions, and Y-Up fares are not available on international flights, but you can book them through a travel agent.

3)  Travel on Tuesdays Wednesdays, or Saturdays for less congestion at airports.  On other days, try early mornings.

4)  To avoid long lines at coach check-ins, try the business class check-in.  You can ask if an upgrade had been applied.  Even if it didn’t you’ll be ahead of the game at the business class check-in counter.

5)  When calling hotels for rates and reservations always wait to see what the best rate the hotel representative will offer.  Once you’ve received the best rate, ask if that is the absolutely lowest rate available.  Also ask if there are any special discounts that are available.  You’ll usually come up with an even lower rate than was originally offered.

6)  Check if your hotel offers free WIFI.  Don’t pay $10 – $30 extra per night just for internet.

7)  Avoid overseas ATM fees.  Check with your bank in advance to see if there are no-fee ATMs available.

8)  Check for taxi rates at your destination in advance.  Call the hotel to ask for advice on taxi fares.  Don’t get ripped off once your sitting in a taxi.

9)  on overnight hotel stays by travelling between cities at night, and sleeping on the train.