Papillon Noir Fashion in Hoi An Ancient Town- Vietnam

Papillon Noir Fashion in Hoi An Ancient Town- Vietnam

Artist Uyen Diem Trinh has always had a vivid imagination. Her intrinsic clothing designs on silk, which include painting and embroidery, are unlike anything seen before in Hoi An. Not only are her designs adgy and flamboyant they are distinctly her

Her speciality is and her creations are nothing lees than chic Asiatic counture. Previously she focused on butterflies- hence the name “Papillon Noir” or - but her modish designs are always evolving, as is her knowledge and journey as an artist.

Painting was Uyen’s first passion and over the last 13 years, the transition from to wearable art seemed natural.

Uyen has studied in India to expand her knowledge of block and screen painting as well as how to use natural colour technique with silk. She is also a strong supporter of giving other  locals opportunities in the artistic domain- She has a number of young apprentices in her team who come from poor backgrounds in Hoi An.

At the core of her business and her life is the need to make art, of which she is extremely passionate. She loves to invite customers to participate in her silk hand in addition to visiting her boutiques. You can find her stores in Hoi An as well as samples of her collection in Resort & Spa.

50 Bà Triêu, Thành Phố Hội An, Việt Nam

– Tel: ++84510 3917941 or ++849 14035785.

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