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Top Travelers Backpack with Brains – Part 2

Published on February 20, 2014 By Lauren D. Collins

Continued from Top Travelers Backpack with Brains – Part 2 Don’t Take Stuff You Can’t Bear To Lose You’re going to be living a transitory lifestyle and safe-guarding belongings can be more difficult under those circumstances. Many hostels have security boxes but if you’re constantly trying to navigate the security of your possessions, it will […]

Florida Horse Country Getaways

Published on January 3, 2014 By Luis R. Hernandez

If you are drawn by the allure of Horse Country, but don’t count yourself among Ocala’s thoroughbred owners, head to Young’s Paso Fino Ranch at 8075 W. County Road 326. The ranch is perfect for people who don’t know the difference between a saddle and a spur. Trail rides run about $35; tours and demonstrations […]

New for 2011 – January Newsletter

Published on January 27, 2011 By Lauren D. Collins

  New for 2011 No Booking Fees We not only reduced booking fees, we eliminated them for most budget accommodations.Find the cheapest accommodations in your favorite destinations. Search Now? Best Price Guarantee Get the lowest price on your accommodation.In addition to no booking fees, we now guarantee that you get the lowest price for your […]

News from the hostel kitchen

Published on October 29, 2009 By EastSeven

We have a new cook. Florian cooks delicous vegetarian meals every monday. Florian is a real Berliner and cooking is his passion and sharing the food with friends a kind of heaven on earth. If you like you could even join in on the cooking and mix with your own ingredients to create experimental dishes…hmmmm […]