Top Destinations for 2010 and the Decade to Come

Travel has become more economical than in recent years.  So, if you’re planning to see the world, now may be the best time.  In fact, in 2010 and much of the rest of the new decade here are some of the best places you may want to consider:’s It List:

Marrakesh, Kyrgyzstan, Vancouver, Burma, Venice, Antaractica, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Colombia, South Africa

Yahoo Travel’s most popular cities:

Las Vegas, Miami, Cancun, San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Honolulu, Paris

Frommer’s Top Destinations:

Santiago de Cuba, Florida Panhandle beaches, Hawaii (the Big Island), Salta Province Argentina, Mexico City, Melbourne Australia, Hanoi Vietnam, Kerala India, Abu Dhabi UAE, Tunisia, Copenhagen Denmark, Isles of Scilly England

And the Frommer’s reader favorite for 2010:  Paris, France