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New Hostels in US to be opened by Billionaire

Published on January 3, 2012 By Lauren D. Collins

Billionaire Ronald Burkle, a private-equity investor and big Democratic fund raiser, is appealing to a new constituency: scruffy, 20-something backpack travelers who would rather not stay in a hotel. His Yucaipa Cos. and the Sydell Group, a New York hotel developer and operator, have formed a partnership to roll out premium youth hostels in major […]

Want to stay in Paris for $40 per night? Try Hostels

Published on February 4, 2010 By Luis R. Hernandez

That’s right.  Paris for $40 per night.  The travel economy has followed the global economy lock in step.  In some European cities, the cost to stay in a hostel is down 50% from a decade ago.  Sound incredible?  Well, yes it really is.  If you can travel on a no-frills budget and do without some […]

Backpackers Hostel in Kyoto :: J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House

Published on August 26, 2009 By jhopperskyoto

7 minute walk from JR Kyoto station (700 meters). J-Hoppers are the cross-cultural hostel for “Japan-Hopping “travelers. The Hostel of/by/for the Backpackers!! PRICES PER PERSON PER NIGHT- Drom 2,500 yen / Private Twin, Double 3,000 yen. We also have hostels in Osaka, Hiroshima and Hida Takayama. Link to this post!

Your Hostel’s Information Translated into 14 Languages on the Internet

Published on December 14, 2008 By Lauren D. Collins

Want to gain a major boost in traffic and online exposure for your hostel? HostelTraveler.com has introduced a major service level enhancement for it’s hostel partners worldwide. Now, when you list your property with HostelTraveler.com, we translate the information you submit into 14 different languages. We then publish your property on 14 individual multi-lingual webpages, […]

Tour and See Hostels Before You Visit!

Published on November 16, 2008 By Lauren D. Collins

We want to tell you about a great new feature HostelTraveler.com and Instant World Booking have just introduced for hostels and their guests alike. Hostels who display their information on our network of sites can now include unlimited photos on their listing. So why is this so great? You can now view everything there is […]

Get access to unique hostels through Hosteltraveler.com

Published on June 16, 2008 By travelexpert

Book youth hostels and cheap hostels in advance before you commence on your voyage. Advance booking can save you from a lot of trouble and will also save you lot of money. Book your hostels accommodation through hosteltraveler.com and get access to unique youth hostels and cheap hostels. These youth hostels are not only affordable […]

Save accommodation expenses for pleasure travel

Published on June 16, 2008 By travelexpert

You can save more money and enjoy a good trip by traveling sensibly. The best way to travel within your budget and still enjoy your trip is by opting for staying at hostels as opposed to hotels. The cheap hostels and youth hostels are inexpensive as compared to hotels and at the same time, these […]

Traveling within budget, but in style

Published on June 16, 2008 By travelexpert

Do you love traveling in style but limited budget stops you from doing so? If so, then you need not worry anymore as by choosing hostels accommodation you can travel within your budget and that too in style. The youth hostels and cheap hostels are very popular with the backpackers as these hostels do not […]

Stay on budget, stay in a Hostel

Published on June 16, 2008 By travelexpert

Do you love trotting around the globe but the heavy cost involved worries you? Then you can curb down your expenditure to a great extent by staying at hostels instead of hotels. The youth hostels and cheap hostels provide accommodation to the travelers and can save you a lot of money. These youth hostels are […]

Plan your trip with hostels

Published on May 21, 2008 By travelexpert

Planning to get on a new voyage? Plan your trips by booking your accommodation in advance so that you don €™t have to face problems later. If you are one of those backpackers who do not wish to overspend and yet enjoy your trip then youth hostels or cheap hostels would be the best option […]