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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Curanipe, Chile
 Valparaiso, Chile
 San Salvador de Jujuy, ...
 Ancud, Chile
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Top Reviews in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Santo Hostel of Leisure Read 1 full review for Santo Hostel of Leisure

Salta 170
I stayed here a few weeks ago....really cool hostel...great staff...beautiful art....good location.  ...

Aura Suites Boutique Hotel Read 1 full review for Aura Suites Boutique Hotel

Honduras 3879
Room was wonderful, effective airconditioning. Good bathroom, ample closet. Pity they don't have pho ...

Kilca Hostel Read 1 full review for Kilca Hostel

Mexico 1545
This hostel is a wonderful place to stay while in Buenos Aires!! I lived there for about 3 months in ...

06 Central Hostel Read 1 full review for 06 Central Hostel

Maipu 306
We had a wonderful time here. The Hostel was clean and in a perfect location. Our room was exactly w ...

Garden House BA Read 1 full review for Garden House BA

San Juan 1271 - San Telmo
The hostel is extremely well-run by the whole staff. The location is about a 15 minute walk to the c ...

Hostal Tita Read all 7 full reviews for Hostal Tita

Scalabrini Ortiz 545
Estar lejos de casa no existe... Hostal Tita es más que un servicio, es una familia... Santi, ...
Estuve de vacasiones en Buenos Aires en agosto de este año y me quedé en Tita. El host ...
hostel tita was very welcoming, the staff is great! they could use another bathroom, however everyth ...

Caseron Porteno Read all 3 full reviews for Caseron Porteno

Ciudad De La Paz 344
Bed and breakfast
Caseron Porteno is the ideal place for anyone traveling alone for the first time to this marvelous c ...
Great staff, bautiful garden, delicious breakfast. Totally recommendable!! ...
When I arrived in Buenos Aires I knew no one, by my first evening I was dining with three new friend ...

La Rocca Hostel Read 1 full review for La Rocca Hostel
341 Callao
I had a great stay at La Rocca in my 2 weeks in Buenos Aires. Honestly a great place with friendly s ...

Tanguera Hostel Read 1 full review for Tanguera Hostel

Chile 657 San Telmo
Bardzo miła obsługa, czysto, wszystko na czas. Sam hostel praktycznie w centrum, a ceny całkiem p ...
The staff was really very helpful and friendly, rooms were nice and the location is great. ...

Ayres Portenos Read all 9 full reviews for Ayres Portenos

Perú 708 - San Telmo
Incredible atmosphere!!!!! I loved this hostel!!!!!! The best was the staff, services, the location  ...
Fuimos a Buenos Aires por un congreso y eramos alrededor de 60 personas. Pero este hostel es excelen ...
El satff es muy amable, son todos realmente geniales.A demás el hostel está muy bien u ...

Top Reviews in Curanipe, Chile:

Cabanas Lovel-Van Read 1 full review for Cabanas Lovel-Van

Sector León Colgado S/ N Pelluhue
The rooms are ok with nice beds and clean rooms. The service at the hotel is also ok. They provided  ...

Top Reviews in Valparaiso, Chile:

Alecon FineHostel Read all 2 full reviews for Alecon FineHostel

Abtao 596 In Cerro Concepción
This hostel was fantastic, clean comfortable rooms, hot showers and a wonderful host called Alberto. ...
We made our reservation with little notice and were still received into the comfortable hostel locat ...

Hostal Morgan Bed and Breakfast Read all 9 full reviews for Hostal Morgan Bed and Breakfast

Capilla 784 Cerro Alegre
Bed and breakfast
Excellent hostel and great location. The owner is a wonderful host, she was a big help with maki ...
Maria was very accomodating. We travelled with two young kids and it is a small quiet place with onl ...
We had a very good experiance at the B&B and in Valparaiso. Maria was an excellent host and did  ...

Casa Hostal 199 Read all 18 full reviews for Casa Hostal 199

Artillería 199
Bed and breakfast
Property is an older home converted into a B/B. Owners are on site, speak English and are very frie ...
IF you decide to stay in Valpo, this is a very good place to see a majority of the sights on foot.  ...
Enjoyed our visit there. Very nice hosts, friendly and helpful. A great patio to have your breakfast ...

Hostal Patricia Read 1 full review for Hostal Patricia

Doce de Febrero 315
Estadía cómoda, satisfactoria, cálida atencin. ...

Bed And Breakfast La Nona Read all 2 full reviews for Bed And Breakfast La Nona

Galos 660
Bed and breakfast
I was only in Chile briefly and unfortunately spent most of my time in meetings. However, Renee, th ...
La Nona was a great find in Valparaiso. Rene, the owner, was invaluable in lining up things for us  ...

Camila 109 Bed and Breakfast Read all 4 full reviews for Camila 109 Bed and Breakfast

Calle Camila 109, Cerro La Loma
Bed and breakfast
We would highly reccommend this B and B to anyone wishing for an enjoyable stay in Valparisio. We ha ...
B/B at La Camilla on a hill in Valparaiso .  It was a small quiet and very nice place , a room wit ...

Casaclub Hostel Read 1 full review for Casaclub Hostel

Pedro León Gallo 427
Everything was great about this place. But it is out of the way; although you get to ride an ancens ...

Hostal Portobello BB Read 1 full review for Hostal Portobello BB

Artilleria 115
Bed and breakfast
We would highly recommend this wonderful place. The room was very comfortable and the view exqusite. ...
Portobello não deixou nada a desejar, foi impecável! Café da manhã delic ...

Casa De Hospedaje Evelyn Read all 2 full reviews for Casa De Hospedaje Evelyn

Este lugar no es recomendable, bajo ninguna circunstancia, muy inseguro por la instalación el ...
We stayed 4 nights at Evelyne's. Everything was cleane and the owners were very helpfull. After we l ...

Casa Verde Limon Read 1 full review for Casa Verde Limon

Cumming 198
I made a reservation on Friday for Saturday, and when I confirmed it had not come, it does not give  ...

Top Reviews in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina:

Club Hostel Jujuy Hostelling Read all 2 full reviews for Club Hostel Jujuy Hostelling

San Martin 132
Location of the hotel is good. My room was comfortable and spacious, clean and with the basic necess ...
Good value for money. ...

Top Reviews in Ancud, Chile:

Chiloe Austral Hostel Read 1 full review for Chiloe Austral Hostel

Calle Yungay 282 Interior.
This hotel was just fine for us. We stayed here during our trip to Chiloe and the surrounding areas  ...

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