About us

Instant World Booking is an organization dedicated to serving the specialized needs of travelers. Whether you are a tourist, special interest traveler, or business traveler, we treat you as our partner. We are with you from the moment you conceive your travel plans to the moment you return home. For youth hostels and budget travel service providers, we offer a unique array of services which increase the effectiveness of your marketing, online reservations, and payments capabilities. is one of over 100 popular travel websites operated by the Instant World Booking organization. Our network is expansive and growing. Some websites are established leaders in their regional or global markets. Others sites are for special interest travel. We have 3 primary websites that include all our properties in key travel segments:,, and .  We have a leading presence in every continent and have been enhancing the experience and security of worldwide travel reservations for years.

What you need to know about us:

Experience dating back over a decade

Instant World Booking traces it's origins back to 1998. This is a very long time, when considering the rate of technology advance today. Our proprietary online travel search and reservation methodologies are among the most reliable and trusted worldwide.

Trust and Security

We measure trust and security on two levels. First, the trust expressed by our customers who return to use our services year after year. Our dedication to customer service goes way beyond what you might expect of an online provider. Also valued are our partners, the hostels that place great trust in Instant World Booking by placing their business in our hands.
Second, trust is measured by the security of our customer's transactions. All our websites use the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with the industry's highest available encryption key length of 256-bits. This means your confidential information, as well as your credit or debit card transaction, is at the highest level of privacy and security globally available on the internet.

For our Hostel partners

Marketing, Online Reservations, and Payments. These are the primary services we provide to our hostel partners. We are not just another distribution system linking into GDS providers like almost everyone else. Here is how we differ. If you are looking for a custom marketing solution for your property, or low cost online reservation capability for your own website, or establishing credit card collection capabilities, Instant World Booking can personalize a solution for you. It does not matter how small or large your business is, or where you are located, what language you speak, or what currency you deal in. We have a better solution for you. It is precisely because of our ability to customize payment and reservation technology for our budget hostel partners, that we are able to serve many locations and properties that are not able to access these services elsewhere.

For Travelers

Instant World Booking offers a proprietary platform for travel search and reservations. We maintain direct relationships with each of our hostels. We provide many custom services to our hostels that are unavailable from other service providers, like online payments and reservation engines for hostel websites. This makes us different. We also provide our services to hostels at a lower cost than other providers. Do not be misled by other online services that advertise that they charge no service fees or commissions. They are typically compensated directly by hostels, which raise their rates to cover these costs. Our lower rates also make us different. Since we offer a higher level of service to hostels of all types, we are able to offer you a multitude of lodging properties that are not available anywhere else on the internet. It also means we can provide reservations at lower rates than available anywhere else. So search us first at

We have a network of over 100 popular travel portals. Why not have a look at some of our other special interest websites like , , , or .
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