Visiting the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy – Try a Hike

Thinking of the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) in Southern evokes many images of romance … seaside activities and sunny beaches. But there are other aspects of visiting this beautiful region of . Small resort towns of Positano and Amalfi have much to offer, including culture, shopping, boating, fine dining, and 5 star hotels. But, for nature lovers, there is another less-explored side to Amalfi. Situated at the foot of rugged mountain peaks that form the Sorrentine peninsula, the hillside villages along the Amalfi coast are perfect starting points for nature walks and hikes.

There are hikes and trails that have been mapped out, at varying degrees of difficulty. If you prefer a leisurely walk through forests overlooking the sea, this area is for you. There are also more difficult trails leading to the peaks and between towns for the more adventurous.

Here’s an example of one of our favorite Amalfi Coast hikes, which leads from the town square of the town of Amalfi to the small hilltown of Pogerola. From the main square in front of the Cathedral of St. Andrew, ascend the main street for 500 yards, until the road goes through an archway under a block of houses. Then take the side road to the left (Via Casamare). Follow this around a hairpin bend to it’s end. The path starts here with steps climbing the hillside, and ultimately leading directly to the main square in Pogerola.

This path provide an attractive route to or from the hilltop village of Pogerola. The easily graded and exceptionally well-built path is unusual in that it goes through light woodland rather than farmed terraces with ever wider views as you gain altitude. The path winds its way towards the mountains, climbing the northern flank of a side spur of the main Amalfi Valley.

Walking time: approximately 1 hour.

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