Tour and See Hostels Before You Visit!

We want to tell you about a great new feature and Instant World Booking have just introduced for hostels and their guests alike. Hostels who display their information on our network of sites can now include unlimited photos on their listing. So why is this so great? You can now view everything there is to see about your hostel destination before you book.

That’s right. So you’ve visited dozens of hostel websites, and a few booking services before. You’ve seen the drab pics that are posted. You know, probably 4 or 5 at a time, and barely larger than a thumbnail. That doesn’t give you anything to rely on when trying to decide on a stay for your next vacation. now features the capability to add unlimited photos to a hostel’s listing page. And these are not tiny thumbnails. These are big, beautiful “fill-the-screen” photos. Hostels can upload photos of their property up to 8mb, allowing guests and visitors to view their location in all it’s glory.

Visit hostel pages soon, and see the new photos that are being added every day.