What’s the Best Way to Make a Phonecall when Traveling?

What’s the best way to make phonecalls when traveling outside your home country?  Here are several strategies.

  1. Change SIM cards.  Avoid charges by using an international SIM card in your unlocked GSM tri- or quad-band phone.  By cards from several sources, including cellularabroad.com.  Check that your phone has the correct GSM frequency for your location.  You’ll most likely get a temporary international number with this approach.
  2. Sign up for an International Roaming Plan.  Your carrier may have international roaming plans that can carry you temporarily through your travels.  This is a very convenient way of keeping your current phone and SIM card while traveling, but even with the special plans, rates can be high.
  3. Use your Laptop to make calls.  Using a service like Skype or other phone services may be a very cheap way to make phonecalls while traveling abroad.  All you need is a broadband wireless internet connection.  But, you must have your laptop with you.
  4.  online calls with an or other .  If you have a smart phone, you can download WiFi software for making almost free calls over the internet from truphone.com.  You may also try purchasing a dedicated