Coronavirus (COVID-19) – HostelTraveler’s Commitment To You

At HostelTraveler (IWB), the health and safety of our Travelers, Partners, and Employees is our foremost concern.

For our Travelers:

We all may be putting our travel on hold for now, but that doesn’t mean we must stop dreaming about that next travel adventure. Around the globe, we’re supporting our nations, and staying home to fight the virus. But, our love for travel will not disappear. While many cannot travel for now, the crisis will end soon. And when it does, we will all enjoy seeing the world again. So, on our website, our social media, and other forms of communication, we will continue to share the many wonderful properties our partners have to offer, and announce future deals as they come along. And sometimes, just the beauty of one of our fantastic travel destinations can inspire wonder and desire for our future of traveling the world.

As we all share in this crisis, we all share the desire and motivation to get out again and explore the world as soon as it’s over. We’ll keep dreaming and planning for that day. In the meantime, we can remain positive, and perhaps constructively prepare for the future.

Here are some tips: How about brushing up on a second language? Read up on some regional cuisine that you may wish to sample, or try out a regional recipe for yourself in the kitchen. Make a list of some invaluable travel tips from magazines, books, and websites that will make your first trip more gratifying. Finally, think about acquiring a new carry-on bag or backpack that will suit your future travel style perfectly. In the meantime, please stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

To our Partners:

At (Instant World Booking), we are working overtime to ensure our partners around the globe receive the service they need. We deeply care about your safety, health, and well-being. And, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We also want you to know that we are concerned about the well-being of your travel business. HostelTraveler remains strong, and our company’s services and operations continue without interruption. Our high level of support, and ensuring your travel or accommodation business is supported at all times, is of the utmost importance to us.

As you monitor the situation and consider your own continuity plans, HostelTraveler is prepared to help in any capacity needed. While difficult days are here to stay for awhile, wellness and prosperity will soon again appear on the horizon. Our plans for growth and development in the coming months, particularly for the next generation of IWB services, are progressing rapidly. When you are ready to consider new and alternative solutions for your travel or accommodation business, to jump-start your own business growth, we will be ready to offer you low cost options and alternatives.

Where can I get more information?


Case Study: How Hostels can Increase Reservations

Hostels ask us all the time how to grow their business more rapidly. As an actual case study, we were asked this exact question by a hostel in Indonesia this month, “We need your advice on how to increase increase reservation production this year.”

We thought, why not share the answer more widely, so all our hostel and lodging partners can benefit from the same great advice. Well, here is the exact advice we provided:

Yes, we have suggestions for you.

  1. Get more online web links directly to your website. Please log in to your profile at our website, then proceed to the OPPORTUNITIES page to learn more.
  2. Your hostel currently appears on 20 individual websites in our IWB network. Your profile content is currently translated to 3 languages, which means your hostel profile appears on 60 individual pages on these websites. You can increase this to 15 translations, which means your hostel can appear on 20 x 15 actual webpages. That’s 300 webpages in total, which is significant.
  3. Social Media Marketing by IWB – You have a Facebook page with about 3.8K followers and an Instagram account with about 2.3K, good job. But we can boost your social media exposure even more. With our optional Social Media Marketing service, we will handle all your weekly social media posting on 3 social media channels, mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are the main ones for the travel market. And, we’ll rapidly grow your follower base much faster. Please let us know if you are interested. Our posting method is highly targeted, and designed to maximize your business’ social media presence. We can multiply your followers by many times in just a short period of time, and grow it from there.
  4. Professional Video Production. Video is a crucial aspect in today’s online marketing for accommodations. We can produce a custom video for your property. We will then promote your video on all our social media channels. Your video will be featured on your profile page on all 20 IWB sites that you appear on. As mentioned above, your hostel profile information can appear in up to 15 languages, which means your video can appear on 20 x 15 actual webpages. That’s 300 webpages in total, which is significant. You also receive a copy of your video for your own private and commercial use. You get to choose the theme of your video.

To view some demos of custom videos we can produce for accommodations, please see this page:

Please let us know if you are interested in these services, which will greatly enhance your marketing efforts, and grow your reservations rapidly.

Of course, this is a just a single case study. At (Instant World Booking), we provide consulting and advice to accommodations and lodging of all sizes. We also provide custom solutions for growing accommodation businesses. Please contact us to find out how we can be of further assistance to your business.

Millennial Tourists Traveling to Cities More than Ever

Millennial Tourists are seeking urban experiences more now than ever, according to a recent study. While on vacation, according to a new review of millennial travel habits, by research firm Resonance, the overall number of city trips increased by 82 percent between 2007 and 2014. This means that young travelers will be coming to a city near you more than ever. So, hostels and other accommodations catering to youth travel should be getting ready for more traffic in urban areas.

The analysis reported that millennial travelers today are “almost as likely to visit a major metropolitan city (38 percent) as they are to visit a beach resort (40 percent) in the next 24 months.” And guess what hostel managers? People visiting urban areas are more likely to be higher wage earners. The appeal of city travel grows with affluence. So, these young travelers may be bringing more money to spend when they arrive.

For the full report by Resonance, see Millennials traveling to cities

For millennial travel bookings visit:
Hostels and Accommodation for Millenials

Why do you need a Channel Manager for your Hostel?

Working with different online sales and distribution channels (OTAs) is a good option to create new sales opportunities in different markets at the same time, and increase the visibility of hostels online.  Every time a hostel signs up for a new OTA they can experience difficulty managing calendar inventory, rates, promotions and reservations from different extranets.  Using multiple booking agencies also means the possibility for overbookings.

The solution is the use of a Channel Manager to:

  • Manage different OTAs at the same time
  • Save a lot of time
  • More Visibility translates into  More Sales
  • Mistakes can be expensive. Avoid errors
  • Integrate with a Property Management System
  • Create different rules and scenarios for each channel
  • Manage all your reservations from one screen has partnered with MyAllocator to provide a world class channel management solution at an affordable price.  Read more about the Benefits of joining MyAllocator through HostelTraveler. Weighs In on Fair Practices for OTAs, operated by Instant World Booking, has reviewed the Sydney Declaration.  Following a meeting of a group of leading youth travel accommodation providers and associations at WYSTC 2013, a position statement was agreed upon regarding online distribution practices. represents a significant share of hosteling OTA volume worldwide, and is the only top 5 hostel OTA based in the United States. From that vantage point, has a fairly unique view on the issues set forth.

For more information on the Sydney Declaration, see: Sydney Declaration

Based on our review, supports the intent of the Sydney Declaration. In fact, we are pleased to disclose that at least 80% of the Declaration is already in force within’s terms and conditions, and have been so since the inception of the company. The management of our company decries the practice of requiring rate or availability parity, and have never done so ourselves. Our principles are founded on the basis that flexible service to our hostel partners is the best way to serve the needs of the industry.

We congratulate the WYSE Travel Confederation on their work so far, and will continue to follow it’s progress.

IWB Channel Manager now connects to

New Service Announcement: IWB Channel Manager now connects directly to and 5 additional new sites, including HouseTrip, FlipKey,,, and 9Flats. Connect to these services now for no additional cost.

IWB Channel Manager already connects to over 150 of the most popular booking sites. If you’re not already using this valuable service, you can immediately connect your calendar to sites like, Expedia, HostelWorld, Orbitz, Travelocity, and many more. Many accommodations use these booking sites to increase profits. But, learning how to use multiple calendar interfaces can be a real hassle. Avoid the hassle, because you only need to update one calendar of availability.

If you haven’t tried IWB Channel Manager before, now is the time. The cost is only $14 per month. Eliminate many hours of work each week. If you already use a channel management service, now is the time to consider switching. Stop paying too much. Instant World Booking offers incredible savings and convenience.

Why sign up for Channel Manager today?

Less than $14 per month
Update your calendar on over 150 booking sites, plus the GDS, for one low price
Multiply your exposure with,, Expedia, Travelocity, and many more
All major hostelling sites included, even
Save time by managing your calendar only once

Sign up today, and have all your calendars synchronized by tomorrow. You can purchase just one month at a time, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it. Just log into your profile and proceed to the Channel Manager page.

More information?

For the perfect complement to IWB Channel Manager, try these other services (Hint: ask about our free demos):
IWB Booking engine
IWB Front Desk (property management system)’s Answer to HostelWorld’s contract revisions …

  • Still Free to join
  • Booking Engines for your website, guaranteed to beat any competitor price
  • PMS starting at $22
  • Channel Manager, with lowest cost in the industry (updates HW and the rest)

Get listed to get started:


Read about HostelWorld’s new contract in plain English:

Update, HostelWorld, HostelBookers, Expedia and more with every reservation

Would you like to automatically update sites like HostelWorld, HostelBookers,, Expedia, Orbitz, and 150 others, every time you receive a reservation?

Now you can. IWB Channel Manager now offers this incredible capability. Don’t underestimate the power and value of this feature until you’ve tried it.

Here’s how it works:
Whenever you receive a booking on any channel or website (e.g., HostelWorld,, Agoda, etc.), your availability calendar is immediately updated on all connected sites. Over 150 booking sites are available. Even update all your calendars when you receive a reservation from your own website (with IWB Booking engine). Imagine the savings you can achieve in both time and money.

Get started today with Channel Manager at prices as low as $14 per month. Get 4 months free when you sign up for a year. Just log into your profile and proceed to the Channel Manager page.

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Un Regalo di Capodanno – Più di 150 canali!

Un Regalo di Capodanno – Più di 150 canali!

IWB Channel Manager ha aggiunto nuovi canali di prenotazione. Ora è possibile caricare il tuo calendario di disponibilità di oltre 150 siti di distribuzione in una sola volta.

In precedenza, circa 30 canali di prenotazione erano disponibili per un costo mensile di circa €11 ($14). Questa era già una grande offerta. Ora, abbiamo aggiunto 5 volte il numero di canali di prenotazione, tutti allo stesso prezzo. Questo è un valore senza precedenti.

Iscriviti alla IWB Channel Manager ora.


Vantaggi di IWB Channel Manager (Canale gestione)

– Meno di €11 ($14) al mese
– Aggiorna il tuo calendario su più di 150 siti di prenotazione, più i GDS, per un prezzo basso
– Tutti i siti hostelling principali compresi, anche, Hostelbookers, ecc.
– Risparmia tempo e denaro con la gestione del calendario solo una volta
– Moltiplica la tua esposizione con i siti premium come, Expedia,, e molti altri

Se non hai provato IWB Channel Manager prima, ora è il momento.
Eliminare le ore e ore di lavoro ogni settimana. Se si utilizza già un servizio di gestione del canale, ora è il momento di prendere in considerazione il passaggio. Smettere di pagare troppo. Instant World Booking offre risparmio incredibile e convenienza.

Iscriviti oggi, e hanno tutti i calendari sincronizzati entro domani.
Non c’è niente da perdere a provare. Basta accedere al tuo profilo in e procedere alla pagina di Gestione Canali.

Fai pubblicità ora?

Ottenere più prenotazioni dal tuo sito web

Prendi un nuovo Motore di Prenotazione per il tuo sito. Gestione calendario una volta sul vostro sito web e tutti i tuoi siti di prenotazione esterni.

Instant World Booking ha il prezzo più basso garantito. Non ci sono eccezioni. Abbiamo anche più opzioni di maggior parte dei dei fornitori di servizi.

Basta contattarci per un preventivo personalizzato. Se non siamo in grado di ridurre i costi correnti, per ottenere il nostro motore di prenotazione gratuito per un anno.

Questa offerta è un virtuale “game-changer”! Scegliere un piano con o senza depositi della clientela. Personalizza i tuoi pagamenti.

Instant World Booking offre più servizi e opzioni di pagamento rispetto a qualsiasi altro fornitore. Inizia subito! Non c’è alcun obbligo.

Crea il tuo motore di prenotazione ora?


Inserisci il tuo Hotel, B&B o ostello per iniziare subito

Soluzioni Complete di Alloggi: Software di Ricezione – Motore di Prenotazione – Pagamenti – Gestione del Canale. Ottieni di cui per iniziare.

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Killer App for Channel Management

Manage your calendar just once, yet update dozens of booking sites at once. Save hours and even days each month managing calendars on multiple booking sites.

IWB Channel Manager is pure and simply a killer app.  The advantages speak for themselves.  Read more below.

Wikipedia definition: a killer app is any computer program that is so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology.  A killer app can substantially increase sales of the platform on which it runs.

– Less than $14 per month
– Dozens of booking channels included in one low price
– Over 500 premium IDS/GDS booking sites also available
–, Expedia,, Orbitz, Priceline, and many more
– All major hostelling sites included, including
– Save time by managing your calendar only once


For less than $14 per month, there’s nothing to lose.

At a price this low, advanced channel management is now available to all types of accommodations.  IWB Channel Manager is excellent for hotels, hostels, and B&Bs alike, regardless of size.  Since there are no long term commitments, purchase as many months of service as you want.  Or buy just one month and try it out.  Once you experience the convenience and time-savings of IWB Channel Manager, you’ll never go back to managing separate calendars again.

Which sites can I send my calendar to?

Already included in one low price are many of the most popular distribution channels.  All of the main hostelling sites are included (yes, even sites like and  You might pay this much elsewhere for just 2 or 3 channels.  And, B&B’s will be happy to know that some specialty bed & breakfast sites are also included.  But don’t stop here, read below to learn how to publish your calendar to more than 500 additional channels (premium sites and GDS/IDS channels like,,, etc.).  The following channels are already included with your membership, and we’re adding new ones all the time:

  • Agoda
  • BudgetPlaces
  • EasyToBook
  • Escapio
  • Gomio
  • HIHostels
  • Hostelbookers
  • HostelsClub
  • HostelTimes
  • HostelTraveler (IWB’s 100+ sites)
  • HostelWorld
  • HotelAdvisor
  • MaxBooking

What about sites like,, and

Yes, optional connectivity to premium sites like,,, etc. is available for an additional cost.  With over 500 premium IDS/GDS booking sites at your fingertips, IWB Channel Manager gives you unprecedented distribution capability.

How frequently can I update my calendar?

You can update your calendar on an unlimited, real-time basis. Channel Manager will update all your external channels instantaneously when you change your calendar on Instant World Booking.

How to get started?

Get started today.  A free Instant World Booking membership is required to access IWB Channel Manager.  Don’t have a free listing yet?   Add Your Property

If you’re already an Instant World Booking member, just log in to your profile and go to “Channel Manager”.  Join now, and start managing your calendar on multiple booking channels within 24 hours.


Learn about other ways to work with Instant World Booking:

Work With Us

How about a new Booking Engine for your website?

We offer the lowest cost available for a full-featured Booking Engine for accommodation websites. We also offer many features that other services (like HostelWorld,, Rezovation, etc.) can’t offer, such as the ability to collect any deposit amount from your guests. Additionally, your Booking Engine comes with Full Cancellation and No-Show Protection. Switching to Instant World Booking now can save you a lot of money. With a free demo and no obligation, you can’t lose. Check out comparisons and more features at:

Booking Engines

How about a fully-functional demo of a new property management system? is Instant World Booking’s new property management system (PMS), designed to satisfy your front desk needs in many ways not previously available to accommodation managers. And, at savings of 30% to 75%+ versus many of the most popular PMS providers, you can’t afford not to try it. For complete details, pricing, and to get started with your free trial, please go to:


For information about payments services, see:

IWB Payments Services

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