Top Travelers Backpack with Brains – Part 1

Top Travelers Backpack with Brains

In all the excitement of receiving those round the world tickets, (or planning your route around Europe, Asia, or wherever), whilst attending the numerous fair well soirees often we forget the fact that this trip is real. You are actually going. With this in mind, we would like to share some easy fundamentals that will help you make the ultimate of ultimate experiences. We don’t want to be too militant. In fact going with the flow is to be advocated, but laying some foundations that will help along the way is a good idea. Being a bit brainy will help your backpacking experience be so much easier and easier is good. Huffing and puffing your way around the world wishing you were at home is not the way to go.  Backpacking is the experience of a lifetime (especially when done well). For the most enjoyable of trips, here’s some of the best advice from those in the know:

Be a Smooth Operator: Packing Less is Best

Seriously, you may know already if you’ve ever hiked your way into a music festival with your saucepans swinging from the arms of your rucksack, packing too much just makes you feel tired, frustrated and a bit silly. As a backpacker, you’re going to be on the move. There will be times when you’re up at 4am in the morning when everyone in the dorm is sleeping and you want to be able to make an exit that is quiet and nicely done. Don’t become an infamous carrier bag rustler – the world already has too many. Make an art form of what you pack and pack light. You will feel so much more confident with a lighter bag – and yes, on occasion, maybe a even a little smug.

By packing as little as possible you will infinitely benefit yourself. You won’t want to burst into tears every time you have to dash for a bus, or train, or somehow do a 12 hour bus journey with your backpack on your lap. You won’t have to pay additional charges to get it on the plane. You won’t find it so laborious every time you have to pack and unpack your bag to find something (that is always, without fail, right at the bottom). You won’t have to do so much washing and you will have space if you need it for lovely new things you pick up along the way.

A wonderful oportunity to stay in the national monument/museum that is the golden fort of Jaisalmer India

This historical monument converted in to guest house is 450 years old haveli, constructed with pre-casted ,pre-fabricated and rich-carved golden yellow stones, experience the musty historic appeal that oozes out of the ethnic haveli walls during your stay at this jaisalmer traditional guest house, it is simple and classic , which offers you a taste of real golden jaisalmer , each lovely beautiful room built with thought full of appointments and comfort.
Originality of haveli has been kept intact with original walls, pillars ,arches design and carving .

Every point of the building and the rooms of this haveli reflects the quite ethnic class that is so integral to rustic jaisalmer, fitted with all the contemporary amenities such as modern baths,running hot and cold water

Ideally located in the famous Jaisalmer fort of India on the fortress(boundary walls) it self at its highest altitude,resulting – its roof top ,room windows and balconies provide acclaimed views of Gadisar Lake,sun rise, sun set, jain temples, palace,town side, cross-country , , .

Well disciplined friendly /ever smiling staff is serving tourists with good hospitality , almost all guests have appreciated through many guide books like lonely planet and rough guide book.

Thailand Phuket – Boomerang Village Cottages Kata Beach

Located in the suggestive surroundings of Kata Beach, Phuket, the Boomerang Village Cottages Resort offers a warm welcoming as well as an attentive service to all its guests, so as to make them enjoy a holiday full of emotions and experience unforgettable sights. Externally similar to mountain chalets, the newly built cottages are furnished in Thai style, offering a very congenial and relaxing ambience. The property boasts panoramic views of Kata Beach and is located approximately 80 metres above sea level,the beach is about 750/800 mt. away (10 minutes),being virtually dipped in the nature of a tropical garden.

Boomerang Village Cottage ( opening January 2004 ), is a brand-new holiday village. Situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and surrounded by tropical gardens,it’s the ideal destination for those who are looking for a confortable as well as an exiciting holiday in this ex-land of fishermen, now one of the “pearls” in the Andamane Sea.

A warm welcome and careful assistance, two basic concepts in a country so different from ours, will enable our guests to enjoy a holiday full of emotions,extraordinary places,unforgettable sights, sports and cultural activities. Our quality is proved by media such as the TV programme “Velisti per caso”, national radios, International hall of the Vacations Lugano Switzerland 2004, Food & Hotel Bangkok 2008 , sports magazines about diving and

Thai boxing and is still developing thanks to the so many people that choose us for their stay and give valuable suggestions.



Boomerang Village Cottages comprises currently 17 guest rooms of which 4 are Suite, 4 are Deluxe and 9 are Superior. Externally similar to mountain chalets, the cottages are furnished in Thai style, offering a very congenial and relaxing ambience. All guest rooms with panoramic views of Kata beach and tropical garden , private terrace for chilling out and watching the sun set.



Boomerang Village Cottages

9/11-13 soi 10 Patak rd. Kata – 83100 Phuket – Thailand

Tel.: +66 (0) 76 284480

Fax.: +66 (0) 76 284569


Hanoi Hotel, The Jasmine

The Jasmine Hotel is located on Lo Su str, which is just one minute walk to Hoan Kiem Lake. New and beautiful rooms. Friendly and helpful Staff. Good price. No worries ! Promotion for Summer Time : book for 3 nights, get a free airport pick up ( flight number and arrival times need to be provided )

Pilgrimage Village, Hue – boutique resort & spa

A taste of rural Vietnam at Pilgrimage Village, Hue a delightfully rustic resort where skillful artisans create beautiful items in front of your eyes and comfortable villas and bungalows come hand-in-hand with a delightful spa, a variety of bars and restaurants, swimming pools and Vietnamese cooking classes.


Stay in a bungalow or villa. The brick and marble villas have lake or countryside views and are furnished simply but artfully with large amounts of space. The Honeymoon Pool Hut has its own private garden and a four-poster bed.


Dine on Vietnamese and international cuisine surrounded by the dramatic hand-crafted wooden architecture of Junrei Restaurant. Take the shuttle into Hue or a boat trip along Perfume River. After visiting the fascinating tombs of Khai Dinh, Tu Duc and Minh Mang, return to dine on exotic cuisine in the restaurant.