Is Hostel Traveler the Cheapest?

We’ve recently seen posts on various blogs and sites comparing the cost to travelers of booking their hostel accommodation on some of the leading websites, including Hostelling Interntional, Hostelworld,, and Hostelbookers.  We’re happy to note that remains the cheapest and the best bargain for the budget traveler.

One post objectively states that HI charged 5% deposit plus 1.92 euro booking fee, claiming that this was the cheapest of a comparison made.  Nevertheless, while was not included in this particular comparison, was even cheaper than the winner.  Here’s why:’s typical pricing is 8% deposit plus $0.75 per bed. In Euro terms this equates to 8% deposit plus 0.52 Euros. This means that for a 1-2night stay and a hostel bed at 20-25 Euros, is cheaper for the traveler than the HI example above.  Check it out for yourself.