New Hostels in US to be opened by Billionaire

Billionaire Ronald Burkle, a private-equity investor and big Democratic fund raiser, is appealing to a new constituency: scruffy, 20-something backpack travelers who would rather not stay in a hotel.

His Yucaipa Cos. and the Sydell Group, a New York hotel developer and operator, have formed a partnership to roll out premium youth hostels in major U.S. cities.

The venture is looking to spend $250 million to acquire and renovate as many as 10 low-cost hotels over the next two years. It plans to reposition them as high-end youth hostels in places such as New York, San Francisco, Washington and Los Angeles.

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Want to stay in Paris for $40 per night? Try Hostels

That’s right.  Paris for $40 per night.  The travel economy has followed the global economy lock in step.  In some European cities, the cost to stay in a hostel is down 50% from a decade ago.  Sound incredible?  Well, yes it really is.  If you can travel on a no-frills budget and do without some of the higher end creature comforts, hostels are still the way to go.

Here’s an example of how much you can save in Paris, France:

A typical hostel stay for 6 days costs $40 US x 6 = $240
A 3 star hotel might cost $75 US per night x 6 = $450
Savings:  $210 !

Here are some additional sources for the latest on trends in hostel prices:

Your Hostel’s Information Translated into 14 Languages on the Internet

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Tour and See Hostels Before You Visit!

We want to tell you about a great new feature and Instant World Booking have just introduced for hostels and their guests alike. Hostels who display their information on our network of sites can now include unlimited photos on their listing. So why is this so great? You can now view everything there is to see about your hostel destination before you book.

That’s right. So you’ve visited dozens of hostel websites, and a few booking services before. You’ve seen the drab pics that are posted. You know, probably 4 or 5 at a time, and barely larger than a thumbnail. That doesn’t give you anything to rely on when trying to decide on a stay for your next vacation. now features the capability to add unlimited photos to a hostel’s listing page. And these are not tiny thumbnails. These are big, beautiful “fill-the-screen” photos. Hostels can upload photos of their property up to 8mb, allowing guests and visitors to view their location in all it’s glory.

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Stay on budget, stay in a Hostel

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Plan your trip with hostels

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