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 Value for Money  4.4
 Rooms  4.2
 Cleanliness  4.5
 Location  4.0
 Security & Safety  4.3
 Service & Staff  4.5
 Food / Dining  4.0
 Total  4.3

"Horrible night of my life."

User Rating:  2.1
Reviewer:   Alvita S. of Jakarta, Indonesia
Reviewed:   July 5, 2019  (see hostel reviews from
Traveled:   June 2019     Type:   Single
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I checked review on Agoda and paid certain amount on a guest house. I thought it gonna be a simple night. Turn out not.
I arrived around 7pm or so, the alley so dark, and the location I had from Agoda located me to another random stranger house. My grab driver helped me to go around and asked the exact place of Rai Guest House which located houses away from the map location. Then I went to check in counter only to find the guy said "we are overbooked. We don't have any room left for you. Do you want to stay somewhere else?" The thought of staying in a random house quite shocked me, and he called here and there (to confirm why the system overbooked? or to find another property for me). He named a place and ask me that place should be better and nearer to the harbour (where I'm gonna take early ferry to Nusa Penida). I checked on the internet and turn out it looked ok. He also offered to take me to the property to check. Then I went with him, only to find most of place are sold out too. He then looked at me, with a guilty look and say "We are very sorry"

My question was "then where I should sleep tonight?" :((((

I almost cried that night, and he suddenly said "Ok2, we go back to the guest house first"

and IDK whose room he sold to me, and he managed to prepare a room to me. I asked if it is ok coz someone gonna be like me next. and he said "oh that's ok. actually my kids are staying. I will send them home."

My next question, I only ask myself "what if I don't cry? will I sleep in the street tonight?"

My point is, how come you actually have rooms and let your child stay in house. I booked it, hei and I paid money. I remembered they offered to refund the money but that's not what I deserve.

The room they gave me have a moldy smell. I can't sleep but can't complain or else this time I would really ended up in the street.


User Rating:  1.4
Reviewer:   Calvin A. of Mississauga, Canada
Reviewed:   January 22, 2017  (see hostel reviews from
Traveled:   January 2017     Type:   Single
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
Normally I do not do a review but I have to in this case.

The owners were nice people and did a Reno on this place. It is modern but missed the mark. A facade is only a facade.

Location is out of the way and not convenient.

Dogs are a menace (scary)when walking and noisy all night long.
Roosters are o.k.

TV is nice but only Indonesian channel content so what is the use.

Shower floor built to slant away from drain so floods each time.

Walls are thin

Cupboard for clothes storage is in bathroom so all clothes would become wet and musty if you left there. Also there is an open slot in the wall and if it rains comes in.

Was not advised I got breakfast so never had that.

After room cleaning door left unlocked

Had a large lounge in room and probably can be used as a day bed.
It is made of wood but had no cushions and is completely useless for sitting.

No safe in room and no document, valuables storage offered.

So value for money wise it was amongst the worst I have encountered.

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