Ponta Delgada
Rua João Do Rego, N76


Procyon is one of the brightest stars in the sky, and it is also an old amateur radio here in São Miguel. Know our history and our team and experience the best that São Miguel has to offer you.

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  Tue 06-Oct-2020  -  Wed 07-Oct-2020 (1 night)

€29.70 bed per night
Dorm (with 8 beds)
Breakfast included    Shared bath    Linens included   
Minimum stay limit: 3 days

If sharing experiences and cultures is what you are looking for, this is a perfect choice. Four people mixed dorm with a shared bath. If you are an alone traveler, here you will be able to create friends and make the most out of your stay in São Miguel Island.

€76.99 room per night
Double Or Triple Room (with 1 bed)
Breakfast included    Shared bath   
Minimum stay limit: 3 days

With a cool design and atmosphere this room is special for all those cool travellers who like comfort and style. Personalized features in this spacious room for couples or friends. Enjoy a relaxing night of sleep on our wood themed room.

€82.50 room per night
Double Room (with 1 bed)
Breakfast included    Private bath   
Minimum stay limit: 3 days

Welcome to your own holiday “library”. This room is made with some special design touches and comfort. Here you can relax after a long day exploring São Miguel Island, on a totally private room with private bathroom.

€99.00 room per night
Double Premium (with 1 bed)
Breakfast included    Private bath   
Minimum stay limit: 3 days

A good option for couples and even for families 4. This is a comfortable and well-designed space for all that want to join us and make the best out of São Miguel holidays.

Sao Roque do Pico
Caminho Poço Diogo Vieira


A nossa sugestão para as suas férias: um (re)canto cheio de encanto e tranquilidade, que o convida a relaxar, passear e desfrutar do bem mais precioso - a Natureza viva.

Casas do Canto 9 photos

  Tue 06-Oct-2020  -  Wed 07-Oct-2020 (1 night)

€60.00 unit per night
Double (with 1 bed)
Private bath   

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